Living according to Nature

Human nature is part of the nature of the universe. Therefore, the goal becomes “to live following nature”, that is, according to own`s own nature and that of the universe, doing nothing which is forbitten by the common law (nomos ho koinos), which is right reason [orthos logos], penetrating all things, being the same as Zeus who is the leader of the administration of things. (On Ends Chryssipus) (DL 7.88)
The cosmos is administered by mind (nous) and providence (pronoia)….since mind penetrates every part of it just as soul does us. But it penetrates some things more than others. For it penetrates some as hexis -like bones and sinews, and others as mind, and the leading part (hegemonikon)of the soul. In this way, the entire cosmos too, [is] an animal and alive and rational.
(DL 7.138-9)