The Biocentric Outlook on Nature

1.The Biocentric Outlook and the Attitude of Respect for Nature
Individual moral significance is related to how we consider the entire system of nature. And the concept of the system comprises its biocentric outlook.
The core of the biocentric outlook is defined in 4 numbers:
  • (a)The belief that humans are members of the Earth`s Community of Life in the same sense and on the same terms in which other living things are members of that Community.
  • (b)The belief that the human species, along with all other species, are integral elements in a system of interdependence such that the survival of each living thing, as well as its chance of faring well or poorly, is determined not only by the physical conditions of its environment but also by its relation to other living things.
  • (c)The belief that all organisms are teleological centers of life in the sense that each is a unique individual pursuing its own good in its own way. (oikiosis)
  • (d)The belief that humans are not inherently superior to other living things. 
source:Paul W. Taylor: Respect for Nature, Princeton University Press 1986